Community Arts

Since opening our office in 2007, VESPA Properties Group, using the monniker VESPA Projects or VESPA Projects Gallery, has operated as community hub for art exhibitions, poetry readings, musical performances, not-for-profit fundraisers, political activism, and pop-up shops of local interest.  We have:

  • Hosted and curated over a dozen of our own art exhibitions, featuring well-known and emerging artists, from our neighborhood and from afar
  • Staged several poetry readings, musical performances, and installations
  • Hosted two gallerists who curated their own shows in our space
  • Provided our space for not-for profit charitable and political fundraisers
  • Housed a fledgling pop-up kitchen and garden store

For all of our community and arts events, VESPA Projects has provided the space pro-bono.  We are part of a great community or neighbors, artists, and civically-minded thinkers and because we have a beautiful, centrally-located space, we beleive that should offer that space for the community and for events that we care about.

Please visit our VESPA Projects Tumblr  to see what we've done in the past or like us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events.