Your Rental

At VESPA Properties, we have rented hundreds of apartments in Brooklyn.  When you hire us to rent your apartment for you, you are hiring a small firm that gives each of its listings individual attention.  We are proud that we have rented many apartments that bigger firms cannot rent, that we have loyal landlords that have been renting all their apartments through us exclusively for years, and that most of our new listings come from referrals from existing customers and clients.

When you list with VESPA Properties, you are listing with you are listing with brokers who have first-hand experience of being landlords and tenants, brokers who live and work in the neighborhood, brokers who pride themselves in finding the right tenants for the right landlords, not just in getting the job done quickly. 

All of our listings, whether they are $2000/month one-bedroom apartments or $15,000/month townhouses for rent, get specialty treatment.  All of them are featured on our website, distributed to the most-visited websites for nyc rentals, and given valuable real estate in our highly-visible window on Court Street.

List exclusively with us and we will feature your apartment on the top-tier, most-frequented listing services that only allow exclusive listings.

When you list with VESPA Properties Group, we handlle everything -- from keys and scheduling showings, to the most thorough background checking offered today.  We screen all applicants so we can be confident that we are giving you the most complete picture of your new tenants.

We are proud of how we handle our rental business and happy to see our landlords and the tenants we have secured for them in the neighborhood, knowing that we have done our job well.