Rental Application

Here is our application form -- VESPA Rental Application.

Please download, fill out and send OR and print and fill out.


Here also is our helpful Application Procedure/Checklist

with all the documents you need for making an application

through our firm. 

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RENTAL APPLICATION   List the property you are interested in: _______________________________________________

Desired Occupancy Date:   ____________






Birth Date



Applicant #1


Applicant #2


List names and ages of any other tenants to live full or part time in the apartment:





Rent Amount

Landlord/Manager and Contact Info

Residency Dates

Current Residence


Previous Residence







Supervisor and Contact Info

Current Position



Previous Position



Other Income (describe source and monthly amount):__________________________________    Pets (#/type/breed/size/age):  __________________________________  


We will run a criminal background check and credit report as part of this application.  Is there anything negative we will find?  Please explain: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


How did you hear about our apartments for rent?__________________________________________________________________________



I/We hereby agree to rent the above premises for the period and terms stated above, subject to the landlord’s approval.  I/We further agree to execute a written lease reflecting the above terms when to presented to me/us by the landlord.  I/We hereby authorize VESPA Properties Group, LLC to conduct an inquiry concerning my/our credit history report, criminal and/or whatever due diligence necessary to process my/our application for residency.  I/We agree to hold the landlord and any affiliated organizations harmless for any claims that may arise as a result of this investigation.I/Weunderstand that leaving a deposit demonstrates my/our serious interest in the property and that the deposit is fully refundable if the owner chooses another applicant for the apartment and/or Our/My credit/references/income do not meet the qualification requirements and that the deposit is not refundable if I choose not to take the apartment after applying.


Signature:  _______________________________            Signature:  _______________________________






Application Materials

🔳  $500 DepositCash or Cashier’s Check

  • Refundable if you are turned down by landlord

  • Goes towards the broker fee if you are accepted

  • Is not refundable if you choose not to take the apartment after applying for it.

🔳  $75 Application Fee Per Applicant (and for each guarantor, if any).

🔳  Completed Application Form.

🔳  Credit and Background Check (run by VESPA Properties Group)

🔳  Current Valid Driver’s License or other official form of photo ID


Employment Verification

🔳 Employer letter verifying position/salary/dates of employment

🔳  if self-employed, an letter from your accountant

🔳  Copies of last two pay-stubs


Financial Verification

🔳 copy of savings/checking/portfolio statement (with account #s crossed out) OR a letter from your accountant stating qualifications

🔳 copies of first couple pages of last two years’ tax returns


Residential Verification

🔳  Letter/e-mail/fax from current landlord stating length of tenancy, rent amount/payment history, standing with terms of lease.

🔳 Personal / Business References Phone numbers of one personal and one business reference for each applicant.

-------  Please note that some landlords may require additional information. -------


If you’re accepted, at lease signing, you should be prepared to bring:

🔳  Two Cashier’s Checks  

  • (at minimum) 1st month’s rent plus one-month Security deposit for  landlord

  • Broker’s Fee to VESPA Properties Group, LLC