January 2016 by Satisfied Buyer , Carroll Gardens
But for your unyielding patience and thoughtful attention [my husband] and I would not be homeowners. We are aware that the process was both long and arduous. Know that we will be forever grateful for all you did between showing and closing.

January 2016 by Satisfied Seller , Cobble Hill
"The sale of [our home] was a major emotional event for my parents. They lived there for 50 years, raised me and my sisters there and were an integral part of the community with deep family roots and close ties to neighborhood old-timers and new-comers. Your taking the time to understand our needs, and provide an informed view of potential buyers and their expectations, helped us deal with the market in an informed and realistic way resulting in a sale all family members considered reasonable.

Also, because neither my parents nor I were in Brooklyn during the sale process, your on-going status updates and strategy suggestions for each expression-of-interest gave us confidence that you and your agency were the right choice to represent us in the largest real estate transaction our family had ever undertaken.

And when the financial crisis hit and the bottom fell out of the real estate market, your tenacity and balanced approach to working with us and perspective buyers helped us weather the storm and make the right decisions."